World's First Shark
Deterrent Band

Price: $34.99



How It Works?

Sharks have a special set of sensors on their noses called " Ampullae of Lorenzini." These sensors help sharks navigate through the oceans by the sensing of the earth's magnetic field. When a shark encounters a magnetic field stronger than the earths; like the strong magnetic field produced by the Shark Shockers Neodymium rare earth magnets, it will become disoriented and uncomfortable and swim away.

It Starts With Design

The Shark Shocker ankle or wrist band is made of high quality waterproof neoprene and designed to be used in the ocean for extended periods of time. Our bands are currently manufactured using black neoprene, a Velcro latching system, are lightweight, and one size fits all.

Our shark deterrent technology includes the use of specially designed rare earth magnets that provide a magnetic field that is over 100 times that of standard iron magnets used on motors and other electronic devices.




Our Guarantee?
Sharks are highly unpredictable and if anyone tells you that they have a product that is 100% effective in preventing a shark from biting you, they are lying. To give you our take on our product, If you and a friend were going into the ocean and going to be around sharks, would you want to be wearing a product that uses magnetic which have been academically proven to deter sharks from attacking humans or would you not want to wear anything? Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery on Domestic orders and 4-6 weeks delivery for international orders.
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