June 27, 2016 thes6187

Its Our Favorite Week of the Year – Shark Week!

Shark_week_Discovery_Building Shark_Week

Its that time of year again and we are super excited here at L&L technologies LLC. – Shark Week started last night at 8pm EST. on the Discovery Channel. There has already been some great shows and content about some of the newest researching being conducted on our sharp and snaggletoothed friends. First I wanted point out the Great White shark that protrudes from the side of the Discovery Channel Building in Silver Spring MD. Thier office is right across the street from The Silver Spring Innovation center which I had the pleasure of working out of while working on a project for the Dept. of Defense. I also got to stare at the shark looking at me everyday as a reminder to make Shark Shocker a everyday brand known by consumers around the globe and as the Leader in Shark Deterrent technologies.

Now on to some cool information about our Friends. In addition to the line up of shows about all things sharks this week on the Discovery Channel, If you go to their website, there is literally hundreds of clips and other information on all things “Shark”. He is a link to one of the articles- 5 Bizarre techniques shark use to hunt.

Shark week has been around since 1988 and its as popular as ever,broadcast into 72 countries and responsible for millions of post and comments on social media, we wanted to take a moment and acknowledge it and give a big shout out to the Discovery Channel!

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